NUK First Choice Disney Learner Temperature Control Bottle -Rose, 150ml, 6-18Months

NUK First Choice Disney Learner Temperature Control Bottle -Rose, 150ml, 6-18Months

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NUK First Choice Learner Bottle with Temperature Control helps with independent drinking. 

It shows at a glance when the right drinking temperature is reached and gives the assurance that the drink is not too hot. If the drink is too hot, the normally blue indicator turns white. 

The NUK First Choice Learner Bottle has a soft silicone spout which is pleasantly soft and spill-proof. The integrated NUK Air System equalizes the pressure in the bottle and helps reduce colic as less air is swallowed.

The clear silicone material is easy to clean and is particularly heat-resistant. It is free from harmful substances, boil-proof, odorless, transparent and has a smooth surface – all features that are important for a spout.

The handles are ergonomically-shaped and have non-slip soft studs to help little ones easily grip it. It also has an extra-wide bottle opening, screw ring, closing discs and protective cap.

All the components are easy to remove from the bottle – ideal for cleaning and preparing food.

  • Capacity of 150ml
  • Helps the transition to independent drinking
  • Makes the changeover to drinking without your help easier, with ergonomic handles for a secure grip
  • Built-in temperature control indicator changes colour when the drink is too hot. The normally blue indicator turns white
  • Soft, silicone spout
  • Leakproof learner bottle made of polypropylene (PP), BPA-free
  • Ergonomic handles for a secure grip
  • Can be combined with all NUK First Choice products
  • NUK Learner Bottles comply with the European safety standard EN14350.
  • Suitable for ages 6-18 months

Important: NUK Temperature Control is intended as an additional check. Therefore, please check the temperature again before the drink is handed over to the child.