NANNYcare 1 Formula First Infant Goat Milk 900g - 0 – 6 months

NANNYcare 1 Formula First Infant Goat Milk 900g - 0 – 6 months

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Nanny Care Formula First Infant Goat Milk USA Seller 900g UK version is one of the top baby goat’s milk formulas on the market and tastes great. If your baby has a problem with acid reflux, you may want to consider letting him or her enjoy goat’s milk formula instead. Goat’s milk can help to improve digestion. Some babies even find goat milk formulas tastier and suffer less from digestive disorders.

The proteins contained in goat’s milk and cow’s milk are more or less the same, so you don’t have to worry about your baby suffering from any nutritional problems. As a matter of fact, many goat’s milk formulas contain higher levels of the amino acid tryptophan. If your baby is suffering from sleeping problems, this amino acid will help your baby to produce melatonin and sleep better.

Product benefits:

– Quality product

– Suitable for babies from 0 – 6 months

– Great for baby’s mental development

– Packed with healthy amino acids

– Easy to digest

– Comes complete with a feeding guide