Babies RUs Mothercare 4 Piece Cot Bed Starter Set - White

Babies RUs Mothercare 4 Piece Cot Bed Starter Set - White

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Providing you with a cellular blanket, fleece blanket and x2 Jersey fitted sheets, this cot bed starter set is the perfect pack to get you up and running with your newborn.

Designed to fit cot beds, the fitted sheet has an elasticated rim for a secure fit and is made from a soft, stretchy, 100% cotton jersey material.

Warmer than woven cotton, the jersey fabric is knitted to provide better breathability meaning that these sheets will help keep baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

The cellular blanket is ideal for everyday use and great for swaddling your baby. Made from 100% soft cotton fabric, the top quality cellular construction traps warm air providing baby with an important extra layer of warmth, but also offers excellent breathability, so that from a safety point of view if baby manages to wriggle under the blanket or pulls it over their heads, there is no cause for concern.

Excellent for providing an extra layer of warmth for baby, the fleece blanket is super-soft and snuggly so that they will feel simply exquisite against baby’s delicate, sensitive skin and is great for snuggles on the sofa.

Package Includes:
x1 Cellular Blanket
x1 SoftFleece Blanket
x2 Jersey Fitted Sheet